Behaviour Training

As a qualified dog behaviourist Leon can deal with all problematic dog behaviours such as; biting, chewing, aggressive behaviour, jumping up, anxiety & fear.

Fitness & Exercise

Fitness and exercise play an important role in your dog's overall mental health and behaviour. We'll help you develop the perfect routine for both you and your dog.


Unless your vet is qualified in canine nutrition they cannot give expert advice on diet or nutrition. Leon is a qualified canine nutritionist and can help you make the right choices.

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Ask us a question and get a fast response from a qualified dog behaviourist. Get in touch now to start taking control of your dog’s behaviour.

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We can deal with a wide variety of problematic dog behaviours without fear, force or bullying - These tactics have no place in our strategies and we solely use positive reinforcement with a non-physical approach.
  • Excessive Barking
  • Lead Aggression
  • Anxiety & General Behaviour
  • Biting
  • Fear Aggression
  • Aggressive Chewing
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Leon Towers
Dog Behaviourist & Nutritionist

You may have seen me on Channel 4's recent series of Embarrasing Pets. I am a qualified dog behavioural expert and nutritionist. I have always had a big passion for dogs. I believe that our no hands approach is the only way to deal with problem behaviour. Let me be your dog's voice to help you have a better understanding of your dogs needs and behaviours.

0333 577 6603
Lea Morland
Dog Behaviourist

Hi, I'm Leon's little brother. I work closely with Leon and have always loved dogs. I'm fascinated by the way dogs behave. I like to discover the root causes of certain behaviours. I strongly believe that your dog should be the happiest they can be and I will give you the right tools to help you understand your dog.

+44 450 88 800

Why choose us

We will provide ongoing support for up to 3 months after your session.

Qualified Dog Behaviourists

As qualified canine behaviourists and we have received the correct training and experience to ensure our work is carried to the highest standards in the industry.

Passionate & Family-Run

As a family we are passionate about dogs and this passion is the driving force behind our business. Passion and enthusiasm for one's job creates great work ethic and outstanding success rates. We genuinely love our jobs and enjoy developing happy, healthy dogs .

Qualified Dog Nutritionists

As well as qualifications in canine behaviour we also hold qualifications in canine nutrition. This means that we can provide you with expert advice regarding diet and supplements.

As Seen on TV

Leon Towers presents Embarrassing Pets on Channel 4. He is an authoritative figure in the canine behaviour industry. Leon's experience, progress and success rates have been recognised worldwide.

Non-Physical Approach

Scare-tactics, bullying, force and fear - These have no place in our techniques and we take a completely non-physical approach by treating your dog with love, compassion and understanding.

Ongoing Support

During our session we will discuss strategy and techniques. After the session we will be on-hand to provide ongoing support for up to 3 months to help you implement these techniques and to discuss progress. We will be here to answers any questions that you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. If you have any other questions please get in touch with us and we'll do our best to help. You can call our friendly team on 0333 577 6603.

1. How do I book a session with you?

You can book a session by calling us on 0333 577 6603 or emailing leon@k9brothers.co.uk. You can also book a session online.

If you prefer you can message us via Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter.

2. How much does a session cost?

For problematic dog behaviours we strongly believe the most effective way for us to evaluate your dog is to visit you at home.

The fee is £199 for a 90 Minute Home Visit and this includes 3 months ongoing support and aftercare from Leon Towers.

You can book a home visit now using our online booking system.

Prices for our sessions that can been booked online can be found here.

We offer a variety of session types, from one-to-one home visits and clinic consultations, through to puppy training classes and group sessions.

3. Which areas of the country do you cover?

We cover the entire United Kingdom and are also able to travel worldwide.

We will consider all worldwide locations and we have travelled overseas to Europe, America, Australia and Asia

No matter where you are based, please get in touch with us if you have canine behaviour issues that require attention from industry leading experts.


Here are some dogs (and their owners) that we've worked with to successfully change problematic behaviour. They are all such wonderful dogs, and lovely people. that have been an absolute pleasure to work with.