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Anxiety And Pet Behaviour

We hear a lot about mental health issues in people, but did you know that dogs can suffer with issues such as anxiety?

Dog anxiety can affect all breeds and can become a serious problem if not dealt with correctly by their owners. Luckily, the thing with dog anxiety is that it CAN be solved! There can be a number of reasons as to why your dog can feel anxious such as being separated from you or being left alone. Leon prides himself on using a strictly “hands off approach” meaning that he believes you should never use negative behaviour or touch your dog to get them to behave or change their way of thinking! By using a number of techniques including desensitisation, Leon can change your dog’s negative behaviours and experiences and turn them into positives, thereby changing your dog’s response.

Some signs of anxiety to look out for include:

Tail tucked in
More withdrawn than normal
Biting / Chewing
Urinating or defecating in the house
Destructive behaviour
Excessive barking
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