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Fear Aggression

The most common cause of aggressive behaviour is fear.  Fear aggression can be dangerous, and if you mix that fear together with a situation where a dog has not been raised and trained with love and care the result is often a disastrous cocktail of fear aggression. The use of punishment-based techniques on a dog with fear aggression is a detonator waiting to explode, and 9 times out of 10 ends in disaster!!

If a dog has not learnt socialisation skills during its early development period it will find it hard to cope with new things that it encounters in its environment such as other dogs, animals or people. Anxiety problems can be difficult to deal with correctly, but Leon will find the root cause and use special techniques to help your dog overcome all forms of fear aggression. Using POSITIVE desensitisation techniques will give your dog more confidence to cope with its fear.

Some tell-tale warning signs that your dog is suffering from fear aggression relating to other dogs or humans:

Aggressive chewing
Ears held back
Escape behaviours
Exaggerated yawning
Excessive vocalisations
Lip tension
Holding head lower than back Licking nose or face (with no food present)
Nipping/pacing/panting/“punching” with the muzzle
Showing the whites of the eye
Tail tucked under
Timidity Trembling
Whites of the eye turning pink or red
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